apna hyderabad

No iam not starting a new supermarket chain. I just named the blog to gauge the reaction of the veteran bloggers.

If they dismiss my blog as trash outright, i shall change my strategy, of course.

This is my maiden attempt at blogging.


Jackiechan | 05 July, 2009 15:43


The recent ruling of the Delhi High court decriminalizing Homosexuality is indeed a big blow to the citizens of this planet, nothwithstanding what the so called puritans of democratic, civilized society come up with in favour of gay rights.

 If Gay attitude is tolerated then, it would become free for all and human race would fail in its attempt to safeguard and protect children, animals etc from these Gays.

 If going against mother nature is considered hep, advanced, civilized, freedom, then we would rather prefer to live in an uncivilized and closed society.

 The biggest threat to mankind from Gays would be safety of the children.The only silver lining would be that women would be safe from sexual assaults if majority of men turn gay.  

A la Baazigar act

Jackiechan | 14 June, 2009 14:14


The recent incident of a city resident Arshad shoving off his hapless girlfriend Sameera from the top of Charminar has brought back into focus the age old experiment to attain fame by voilent means.

 If we go back into the not too distant past ( it was the year 1994 I guess) when Sharukh khan threw Shilpa Shetty off the building terrace and shot into instant fame.

Probably this moron Arshad felt the old formula could be tried again. Yes Mr Arshad the way to the prison is cleared for you but if that his aim, then there are other ways to get in there rather than mercilessly slaughter people.

 You could have stood on the road and unabashedly hurled abuses at the PM, President, CM and all those who are in power. This could have ensured a smooth transition to the Jail.

 Guys come on, you can concieve better ways of doing things.

Youngistan attitude

Jackiechan | 09 June, 2009 17:07


The apathy of the present day youth ( self styled YOungistan generation) is so deplorable that they deserve to be called Inhumanistan generation.

 There was this new item in one of the dailies that an old parsi gentleman who was deserted by his only surviving kin i.e. his son filed a case against the son for neglecting him. The court ordered the son who is an NRI to pay the old man monthly maintenance of Rs.5000.

 The old nest syndrome is gaining momentum and our youngistan is totally oblivious to all the inhuman suffering of their own parents.

 Need we say more....


Jackiechan | 08 June, 2009 16:20

If you can read this post, it means that the registration process was successful and that you can start blogging.

Apna hyderabad

Jackiechan | 08 June, 2009 16:20

This is my maiden attempt at blogging, which explains my choice of a bland topic like the city of Hyderabad.

 Thousands of epithets have been written about the city yet i feel the queer charm of the city still remains despite the metamorphosis it had to undergo over the recent years.

 The magnetic attraction during the recent years has been the Software sector and the plethora of educational insitutes churning out ready to grab scholars.

The weather, of course, has changed but it can be rationalized by blaming it on global warming.


I am sure most of the bloggers would agree with my observations but i am interested to see atleast a few dissenting voices. Because all the time, you hear only about positive things talked about Hyd and I am dying to see a few disagreements too.  

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